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It’s individual. The most important feature of MusicMaster is its flexibility. Unlike any other system, we’ve put you in charge of the database. Add in as many additional fields as you like. Eliminate any fields you don’t need. You finally have the power to build a custom scheduling system that fits your needs perfectly.

Any format. The concept of individual database design makes MusicMaster the most suitable scheduling solution, not only for popular music but every format like Classical, Jazz and even Talk Radio formats.

Any platform. Ask us about our specific TV and Web scheduling solutions. It’s easy. If you know your way around Excel® or Word®, you already know intuitively how to navigate around MusicMaster. Just drag and drop, copy and paste, or right-click the mouse.

It’s open. Sharing information between systems is one of the core benefits of digital information technology. MusicMaster can exchange any kind of information with your other broadcast software tools.

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